Air Conditioning

Air conditioning re-gas and servicing

A new service available from Formula 1st is air conditioning recharge and servicing. With over two-thirds of modern cars now having some form of air conditioning or climate control keeping your system in top condition will help you stay cool in the summer and help with demisting in the winter months.

Air conditioning repairs in Weston-super-Mare

With a typical recharge taking around an hour the current level of coolant is measured before any work is undertaken. This allows you to see just how hard your system is having to work before it's recharged to run at 100%.

Please call us on 01934 644473 to make an appointment for a recharge and service of your air conditioning or climate control. Remember, a more efficient system will save you money over time and give you a much more pleasant driving experience!
AC cleaning

Your air conditioning

It is thought that almost 10% of air-con gas is lost from a vehicle's system each year resulting in less effective air conditioning.

Bacterial build up can also develop over time leaving a 'musty' smell in your system - a system cleanse can cure this problem.
AC temperature adjustment

Keep cool - save fuel

 If you leave your air conditioning un-serviced for longer than two years its ability to cool will be greatly reduced. It will also require your engine to work harder meaning higher running costs.
If your air conditioning is not functioning well call Formula 1st in Weston-super-Mare on
01934 644473
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