Exhaust repair and replacement

We stock exhausts to fit most cars and light commercial vehicles so you don't have to travel far to have your exhaust replaced.

Ensure your exhaust system is healthy

If we don't carry your exhaust in stock we have many local suppliers just a phone call away who can deliver the same day. If you are unsure if we carry an exhaust for your vehicle, please just phone Formula 1st in Weston-super-Mare, and we'll check the availability of your exhaust system.

If you hear noises coming from underneath the car such as knocking when you go around a corner, the exhaust may have come loose. If the exhaust note starts getting louder or you hear a 'blowing' sound then this probably means you will need to have part of your exhaust replaced. You can be sure of a quick and professional service from us for all of your exhaust requirements. 
car exhaust system

Your exhaust system

Your exhaust system is made up of four different parts - the front pipe, the catalytic converter, the centre section and the tailpipe. These are all important in removing the harmful and polluting gases and of course, making it quieter!
car emission system

Keeping emissions low

  •  Exhausts tend to have a shorter life if the vehicle is only driven on short trips rather than long distances
  • As part of your MOT check, the exhaust of your car must fulfil its role in lowering exhaust emissions and noise levels
If you need to have a new exhaust fitted in Weston-super-Mare call Formula 1st today on 
01934 644473
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